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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Enterprise social responsibility represents one way an enterprise can align organizational self-interest with the greater public good. Recently the business case for sustainability has continued to grow and enterprise leaders have begun to see the connection between sustaining the planet and sustaining the enterprise. The Institute for Enterprise Ethics' focus on Social Responsibility and Sustainability is engaged with topics and issues that will help the enterprise strike the appropriate balance between these interests and will engage practitioners, academics and other though leaders on practical topics of sustainable value such as:
  • Corporate responsibility and shareholder return
  • Measuring the return on social investment
  • Corporate citizenship and community outreach
  • Sustainability and competitive advantage
  • Corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage
  • When social issues become strategic
  • Human rights and human resources
  • Safety and health
  • Climate change
  • Waste and emissions
  • Resource efficiency
  • Life cycle costing
  • Regulatory compliance

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