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Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking

"Why Hasn't Anyone Gone To Jail?"

with Dr. Bruce Klaw
October 6, 2015

The settlements are staggering. Bank of America settled with the United States Department of Justice for more than $16 billion. J.P. Morgan Chase settled for nearly $13 billion.

While these companies, and others, have precluded going to court with the DOJ, none of their executives or employees have been prosecuted for these alleged corporate transgressions. If there is enough evidence of wrongdoing to compel a company to remit billions of dollars in fines, "Why Hasn't Anyone Gone To Jail?"

In this, the second episode of Ethically Speaking, we spoke with Dr. Bruce Klaw of the Daniels College of Business to get his insights on recent trends in the U.S. Government's efforts to curb "white collar crime."

Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking is a Podcast of The Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the Daniels College of Business. It features timely insights into the ethical issues facing business professionals in the modern business climate in the U.S. and abroad.

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