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Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking

Corporate Governance in the Age of Hyper Transparency

with Ryan Casey, PhD, CPA
Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy

In this edition of Ethically Speaking, Dan Sweeney, Director of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics, and Assistant Professor, Ryan Casey, delve into the ever-changing requirements of corporate governance in the age of Hyper Transparency. How are corporations balancing the mandates of "Dodd-Frank" and "Sorbanes - Oxley" with market expectations for GAAP and Non-GAAP reporting?

Where does social media fit into the mix? Hoe does this affect the Board of Directors for a public corporation?

Ethically Speaking

Ethically Speaking is a Podcast of The Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the Daniels College of Business. It features timely insights into the ethical issues facing business professionals in the modern business climate in the U.S. and abroad.

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Stakeholder Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs
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February 115, 2017

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