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Corporate Integrity 2017
Corporate Integrity


A Discussion of the Most Important Corporate Integrity Issues of the Previous Year

Corporate INTEGRITY is an issue-focused discussion that features an insightful panel of three experts from both business and academia and a moderator. It aims to review the causes, outcomes and long-term effects of the previous year's most egregious ethical breeches in business.

Past editions of Corporate INTEGRITY have taken an in-depth look at:
  • The Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal
  • The corporate culture and structure at Wells-Fargo that led to the "ghost accounts" situation
  • The preemptive steps being taken to self-govern Artificial Intelligence in technology
  • Predatory pricing practices in the marketing of prescription drugs in the U.S.
The event is live streamed on the Level (3) Global IP Network and archived for future viewing. Links to the previous two years of Corporate INTEGRITY are available in the right column of this page.

Corporate INTEGRITY Video

Video | Corporate Integrity 2016
Corporate INTEGRITY | 2016

In this edition of Corporate INTEGRITY, the panel took an in-depth look at: the FIFA bribery scandal, the Volkswagen diesel emissions situation and the LIBOR rate fixing investigation.

Video | Corporate Integrity 2017
Corporate INTEGRITY | 2017

In this, the second edition of Corporate INTEGRITY, the panel took an in-depth look at: the Wells Fargo "Ghost Account" Scandal, the complex nature of prescription drugs pricing in the U.S. and the industry's efforts to self-govern the development of Artificial Intelligence.
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