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About the Institute


The Institute for Enterprise Ethics is dedicated to the integration of ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable leadership practices into the fabric of corporate culture through collaboration among its faculty and business partners in creating and sharing knowledge needed to achieve that goal.


A purpose of the Institute is to help individual executives, officers, and directors lead their corporate organizations in a manner consistent with high standards of professional and cultural ethics, leadership, governance and social responsibility.  
We will achieve this purpose in three ways:

  • Sharing the substantial intellectual capital and resources of the Daniels College of Business Faculty in these areas with the business community  
  • Providing a forum for discussion and idea sharing on topics of current importance to enterprise ethics among business leaders and faculty experts
  • Providing an electronic venue for the dissemination and discussion of current information, and points of view on current issues regarding enterprise ethics 
In this manner we hope to:

  • Significantly influence the thinking, strategies and decisions about enterprise ethics among many corporate executives, independent directors and scholars nationally and internationally
  • Contribute significantly to the store of intellectual capital regarding enterprise ethics, governance, leadership and corporate social responsibility
  • Materially influence the public debate regarding standards of enterprise behavior

Value Proposition:

Fostering Greater Enterprise Success Through Ethical and Responsible Actions.

The Institute is founded on the proposition that businesses can “do good” and “do well” simultaneously and, indeed, there is growing evidence that companies with positive social and ethical reputations can actually fare better financially than companies with negative public perceptions. This is particularly true with regard to customers who increasingly are unwilling to do business with companies that do not behave in a fair, honest, and responsible manner.

Similarly, investors are increasingly drawn to companies with ethical and transparent reporting practices. In dealing with each other, it goes without saying companies needs a high level of mutual trust and confidence in order for the free market economy to function effectively.

Moreover, the best and brightest young people are increasingly attracted to work for companies they can respect and admire—employers they can be proud to say they work for (thus, even today, ethical and responsible practices are becoming a necessity for success in recruiting top talent).

Finally, companies with high environmental standards, progressive employment policies, and ethical financial and governance practices may lower the threat of intrusive regulations that can—and often do—reduce organizational innovation, creativity, productivity, innovation and growth.

Hence, the focus of the Institute is on creating and disseminating the cutting edge research and best practices its corporate sponsors can put into practice to improve both their social and financial performance.
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