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Industry Self-Regulation

Institute for Enterprise Ethics | Bart AlexanderBart Alexander, 2017 Corporate INTEGRITY panelist, shares his unique insights into industry self-regulation as it relates to Artificial Intelligence.

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Ethical Leadership and Sustainability at 3M

Institute for Enterprise Ethics | 3M Sustainability

Here is a valuable video from the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership presenting a senior executive of a major US Corporation relating ethical leadership and sustainability to the long run performance of her company. Jean Bennington Sweeney (no relation to the the Institute's Director) Chief Sustainability Officer of 3M Company offers some insightful comments regarding the relationship between Sustainability and Ethical Leadership  and a number of other relevant and helpful observations on culture, trust and values at 3M.

Wells Fargo Report Released

Wells Fargo Report | Institute for Enterprise Ethics

The Independent Director-sponsored report on Wells Fargo's cross-selling scandal has been received, accepted and communicated to the public by the board and its Chairman, Stephen Sanger. Early reporting, by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, reveals a number of important clues as to how this happened to such an otherwise very well respected company. We anticipate much more to be revealed from the report and subsequent legal proceedings in the near future, but even now we can learn some important indicators and enablers (in no particular order or priority) of how this calamity came to be.

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What's New

The Soul of Citigroup

Institute for Enterprise Ethics | Citigroup

"What senior executives are more worried about is the impact their missteps will ultimately have on their souls. So while they apparently couldn’t get a man of the cloth to sign on as a paid consultant, Citi did find a Princeton professor who specializes in ethics and theology to lend a hand.”

This paragraph, excerpted from a recent article in Vanity Fair, mirrors what similar articles in The Wall Street Journal and Morningstar have highlighted. Which is Citigroup's hiring of Professor David Miller to be an on-call ethicist for the firm.

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Making Your Company More Ethical

Harvard Business Review | December 2016

Recently two scholars associated with the University of Pennsylvania published a short article in the Harvard Business Review on What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company. This advice is based on a study of a sample of C-Suite executives from around the world as well as on the experience the authors gleaned from their own consulting practices.

The 30 leaders in the study recalled a total of 87 “major” ethical dilemmas from their career histories. More than 50 had occurred in the course of the last five years. Another surprise was how few of the incidents were caused by bribery, corruption, or anti-competition issues (only 16 percent of all ethical dilemmas mentioned). More often the dilemmas were the result of competing interests, misaligned incentives, clashing cultures.

Their advice is simple, clear and very practical.

Five Reasons Why Ethical People Are Provoked into Unethical Decisions
Institute for Enterprise Ethics

In a very concise article in the Harvard Business Review, Ron Carucci, founder and managing partner at Navalent, discusses five ways in which organizations enable and even encourage good people to make unethical choices. “Despite good intentions, organizations set themselves up for ethical catastrophes by creating environments in which people feel forced to make choices they could never have imagined.”

Whistleblowers: Not just corporate tattle-tales, but actual change agents.

Institute for Enterprise Ethics

In a Fair Game column in the New York Times, Gretchen Morgensen reported on a research study by Assistant Professor Jaron H. Wilde at the University of Iowa that found “a sharp and lasting drop in financial wrongdoing at companies that were subject to whistle-blower investigation.” While, this finding seems quite reasonable from an intuitive perspective, it is very gratifying to have some hard empirical evidence that whistleblowers do provide some measureable value to the companies being whistle blowed upon.

It's Time to Look in the Ethical Mirror

With all the new coverage of Wells Fargo's fake-account debacle, I (Professor Robert Giacalone) have yet to see an answer to this pivotal question: How does one simply miss more than 5,300 wrongdoers at a bank?

How can so many employees across so many branches go "off the rails" and no one know about it? The easiest answer: This was an ingrained practice. By firing so many employees, Wells has all but acknowledged that unethical behavior was rampant. Rather than a needle in a haystack, the huge number of employees opening sham accounts was an overt sign of an organizational culture problem.

Perhaps most frightening is that the ethical deficit in business is not limited to banking or to the United States. So what has caused this ethical breakdown?

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NetImpact's mission is tNetImpact | University of Denvero cultivate a community of Daniel's College of Business students and professionals dedicated to using business as a platform for creating positive social, environmental, and financial impact.

Strategic Partners

National Association of Corporate Directors | Colorado Chapter

The vision of the National Association of Corporate Directors is to develop the best educated directors with a focus on skills, ethics and leadership.  Their mission is to provide real learning and quality networking for directors and board engaged “C” suite officers and to be the voice for the director.


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The Institute for Enterprise Ethics was established at the Daniel's College of Business as the vehicle to extend the College’s expertise and resources in business ethics to the practitioner community of executives, officers and directors of commercial and social enterprises in the region.

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